Economic Benefits

Waste Management in Northeastern Pennsylvania

  • Provides jobs that support more than 200 families.
  • Services the waste collection, recycling and disposal needs of more than 61,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.
  • Purchases tens of millions of dollars in goods and services annually.
  • Contributes millions of dollars in host fees and donated services to local municipalities annually Goods and Services.

Goods and Services

Alliance Landfill spends millions of dollars each year purchasing goods and services from local businesses. This includes everything from catering and printing services, to the purchase of the heavy equipment and parts, to contractor services that are required to construct the landfill.

Host Community Benefits

Alliance's host community agreements with Taylor Borough and Ransom Township and the Riverside and Abington Heights School Districts results in many benefits. See more information.

The Waste Industry in Pennsylvania:

  • Helps keep Pennsylvania's economy strong by generating close to $3 billion in annual revenue
  • Creates 31,800 jobs (10,800 directly, 6,200 indirectly, and 14,800 induced)
  • Pays for the Commonwealth's Recycling Fund and Growing Greener Program
  • Donates millions of dollars to charities and local community programs
  • Produces "green energy," including electric power and natural gas

Waste Management in Pennsylvania

Waste Management is the Commonwealth's largest collection, disposal and recycling company, providing tremendous support to Pennsylvania's economic and environmental infrastructure.

Every year, Waste Management pays an average of more than $26 million to the Commonwealth's Recycling Fund and Growing Greener Fund, which support local environmental improvement programs throughout the state.