Host Community Benefits

Taylor Borough

In 2003, Taylor received host community benefits totaling $1,541,633. As a result of this benefit, Taylor property owners have not paid municipal real estate taxes since 1989. Waste Management also provides refuse collection in the community, a service that in local communities can cost households $200 or more annually. Other community supports includes assistance to the project that will build a new library in Taylor and is helping the borough plan for the development of the 150-acre Moffat Breaker property.

Ransom Township

Ransom Township in 2003 received host community benefits of $559,597. Annual benefits paid to the township have prevented an increase in Township real estate taxes for more than 15 years. During this period, the Township has built a new office/garage complex and made significant improvements to its Mount Dewey Community Center. Ransom Township residents receive complimentary waste collection service weekly and twice a year take advantage of free large-item waste disposal.

Riverside School District

Property owners in Moosic and Taylor received tax relief of $104,176 thanks to the host school district benefits provided by Alliance in 2003. Alliance Landfill also supports fundraising efforts including environmental and educational initiatives, athletic programs and other activities enjoyed by district students.

Abington Heights School District

Alliance Landfill provided more than $50,000 in benefits and other support to the students and taxpayers of the Abington Heights School District in 2003. Host school district benefits last year totaled $43,246 and Alliance provided a $10,000 grant to the Abington Heights Educational Improvement Organization. The organization offers progressive educational after school programs for hundreds of district students.

Local Property Taxes

Alliance Landfill owns property in Taylor Borough, Ransom Township and Old Forge and each year makes significant real estate property tax payments to these municipalities and the public school districts that serve them. It also pays Lackawanna County property taxes that support the many services provided by the County.

State Fees

All landfills are mandated to pay specific fees to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to help fund grants and programs.

Act 101 requires PA landfills to pay $2.25 per ton to the State to fund municipal recycling programs and promote environmental stewardship.

Act 90 requires Pennsylvania landfills to pay $4 per ton to the State to fund the Growing Greener program. Growing Greener grants are paid to municipalities and organizations to pay for environmental programs and projects.

Throughout its operating life, Alliance Landfill has paid millions of dollars in state fees that have directly supported a large number of environmental improvement projects across the Commonwealth.

Alliance and its employees are proud of the contributions we make to the local and state economy, labor market and quality of life and of our industry's role in Pennsylvania.