Regulatory Oversight

Waste Management takes pride in the design, operation, aesthetics, and environmental compliance of its operations, equipment and facilities. These include a double-synthetic, lined landfill that meets or exceeds regulatory standards, synthetically capped closed areas, an on-site wastewater treatment facility, landfill gas management system, and substantial soil erosion and sedimentation controls. Alliance Landfill has an extensive groundwater monitoring program and air quality monitoring program. All of these systems and monitoring controls will continue to be utilized.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulates all aspects of landfill operations. Inspectors from PADEP's regional office in Wilkes-Barre have 24-hour access to all areas of our property and can visit our site and conduct an inspection at any time. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) inspectors make frequent visits to Alliance Landfill.

Taylor Borough and Ransom Township each employ two "host community inspectors." These inspectors have been trained to oversee landfill operations. These inspectors visit Alliance each operating day. They provide an important set of extra eyes and also serve a critical role as liaisons between our business and our host communities.

Protecting groundwater is a very important part of our business. It is included in all phases of our development, from initial planning, through the permitting process, during operations and after closure. Protection includes redundant checks and balances with a heavy-duty liner system. Monitoring wells are installed around the border of the landfill, according to nationally accepted standards, and each well is sampled quarterly. The samples are tested by a certified independent laboratory and reviewed by qualified personnel. These laboratory results are submitted to the DEP.

Waste Management employees are proud of our record of environmental stewardship and the service we provide our neighbors and our communities.