Controls and Monitoring

Landfill Gas Collection & Recovery

Alliance's Landfill gas collection system is one of the primary tools used to control odors. Its nearly 300 landfill gas wells collect the gas created by the decomposition of waste in the landfill. These wells are connected by a "loop" system of pipes to the landfill's enclosed landfill gas flares. The loop system assures that Alliance will be able to maintain suction on all wells should a blockage or interruption occur in an area of the system.The landfill gas collection system feeds Alliance's enclosed flares which use combustion and heat to destroy the gas.

Landfill Gas: An Important Source of Green Energy

Alliance Landfill is hopeful it can identify a local industry, or industries, that could use landfill gas as a fuel source. The challenge here includes finding a user(s) who can make use of the gas throughout the year and use the volume of gas the landfill is producing. This user also must have access to the gas by pipeline.

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Alliance's technicians and landfill gas contractors follow a variety of procedures to assure that landfill gas is being adequately controlled and collected. Our gas collection system is monitored continuously.