Daily Operations

Each operating day, trucks carrying waste arrive and are weighed on Alliance's digital scales. The trucks then are directed to the landfill's working face (the active disposal area) where the waste is off-loaded and compacted by the landfill's heavy-equipment operators. At the end of the day, it is covered with soil. No waste is left uncovered overnight or at any time when the landfill is not accepting waste. These layers of waste are methodically constructed until an area of the landfill reaches its final elevation. At that time the waste is covered with a layer of soil. A synthetic capping system is installed and then covered with a two-foot deep layer of "final cover" soil. That soil then is seeded.

During this process, landfill gas collection wells are installed. These wells are used to draw landfill gas out of the landfill. This gas is destroyed in enclosed flares operated on our site and Alliance Landfill is actively pursuing ways to put the landfill gas to work as a green energy source.