Construction Standards

Alliance Landfill uses multiple systems to protect the environment and the community.

Alliance Landfill employs a "dry tomb" design that means it provides for effective wastewater and landfill gas collection and eventually eliminates the production of wastewater in capped areas of the landfill.

Building the Landfill

Like a birthday cake, the landfill is built in layers on top of our liner system. The first layer begins with a deck of "select waste" material from which large objects have been removed. This assures that large objects cannot be forced through the gravel and puncture the primary liner. The layering of waste and soil continues until an area of the landfill reaches its "final elevation."

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Landfill Liner System

Alliance Landfill's liner exceeds the construction guidelines of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and its Bureau of Solid Waste Management, which write and enforce some of the most stringent landfill regulations in the nation.

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