Duryea Wetlands

Waste Management's Duryea Wetland project is located just upstream from the confluence of the Susquehanna and Lackawanna Rivers. The 10.5-acre wetland is part of a larger parcel owned by the company that includes a long waterfront on the Susquehanna River. The wetland was developed on the site of a former deep-mine pumping operation and where topsoil, sand and gravel were mined for decades.

Aug., 2002 - Alliance Existing Wetlands
Before Tree Planting

Waste Management acquired and in 2000 began grading the property and then employed contractors who planted thousands of indigenous wetland shrubs and plants and hundreds of young northern hardwood trees.

Sept., 2002 Trees Planted to Restore
Wetlands Basin.

Waste Management, with the help of partnering agencies, hopes to develop the property into a park that offers recreational and educational amenities while serving as a haven for wildlife.

Hunting and motorized vehicles are prohibited on the property. The public is welcome to hike, fish and birdwatch on the property during daylight hours.

Aug., 2002 - Alliance Wetlands Open House - Guests Checking Out the Flora and Fauna
of the Wetlands