Stormwater Monitoring

Erosion & Sedimentation Controls

Alliance Landfill is equipped with a system of stormwater retention swales, channels and ponds, including a primary, two-stage sedimentation pond located near the landfill's offices.

This system is designed to minimize the amount of stormwater that has access to active areas of the landfill. That, in turn, minimizes the amount of wastewater generated by the landfill and the amount of resources the landfill must commit to this treatment. The system also has the capacity to retain millions of gallons of stormwater - thereby reducing potential for flooding on waterways downstream. The system also is designed to prevent sediment from flowing off-site.

Alliance's retention and sediment ponds are healthy bodies of water that are frequented by ducks, geese and herons and which are home to frogs, turtles and other wildlife. A mute swan and a number of egrets made visits to our primary sediment pond in 2003.